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Watching movies on the smartphone is the new television

You’ve already watched an episode of your favorite Netflix series using the phone on the loo. Or a full movie lying in bed instead of in the living room on the couch? Although there is a television in almost every household, video consumption on smartphones and tablets is becoming ever more popular.

Online video consumption for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are gaining in popularity. While video consumption on fixed devices (desktops, laptops and smart TVs) is growing only very slightly, mobile devices can grow strongly – although they are not predestined for this with their small displays.

For the coming years, a further increase in mobile video center is expected. The Reasons: Further spread of mobile devices, improved displays and faster data connections.

Video-on-demand providers like Netflix are feeling successful and are directly benefiting from the growth of mobile usage. Netflix recently announced it now has over 100 million customers. The group of smartphone viewers is growing very fast. The service has long since recognized and accordingly invested in technical measures: “We are working to encode our films and series better and better, so they need less bandwidth to transfer,” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

But: Can a hit series like The Walking Dead unleash its full of action and scary potential on small smartphone displays?

Do you often watch movies online on your mobile device?

For some, this video trend is likely to be surprising, because why should you grab a smartphone, even if you have a TV in the apartment? The success is likely to come mainly from use outside the home, so for example by using the Netflix (or Amazon Prime Video, YouTube etc.) app during a train ride. Or is it completely different: smartphones and tablets are on the kitchen table while a blockbuster is running? Write in comment!

Although there is a television in almost every household, video consumption on smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly popular.

A short survey showed that: The behavior is diverse. Some prefer the (55-inch UHD) TV clearly – others consider the tablet in the kitchen or the smartphone on a long train ride as quite suitable to watch a video. Our preliminary conclusion: The more powerful and longer a video is (movie), the more we look at it on the “big screen”. For a dialogue-heavy comedy series or a short YouTube video, you’re more likely to turn to the mobile device.

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