The lifestyle of the Pentagon ensures that it is prepared for the planned assault of Zone 51

A few days ago, on the largest network of social networking sites, a message appeared about the planned assault of conspiracy theorists on the famous Zone 51 in Nevada. The Pentagon spoke on this matter.

Area 51 is one of the most mysterious and closely guarded military facilities in the world. Many conspiracy theorists are convinced that aliens and flying saucers are being held in the base. Therefore, on September 20, we are to know the whole truth about this object. Then, more than a million people, banded on social networking sites (see here), are to meet near the base and carry out the attack on it. “You will not stop us all, we will see these aliens,” the organizers of the event wrote. Many people associated with UFO themes and secret projects of the American army expressed their willingness to participate in this action.

The base itself and its boundaries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are closely watched and guarded by dozens of specially trained people. Laura McAndrews, spokeswoman for the US Air Force (USAF), told the Washington Post in an interview that the Pentagon has been constantly monitoring the development of events related to the attack on Zone 51.

“Zone 51 is an open training area for the US Air Force and we will discourage anyone from attempting to enter this area. The US Air Force is always ready to protect America, its property and secrets, “said McAndrews. The USAF spokesperson did not indicate what specific ways to neutralize unruly UFO enthusiasts were taken into account, but she pointed out that the army could use a lethal weapon if necessary.

Despite the laconic statements of the Pentagon representatives in this matter, a few sentences uttered by McAndrews should already effectively discourage the daredevils from arriving and possibly storming Zone 51. Most likely, September 20 will not happen, and the whole action invented by the Russian trolls will be a big failure.