The head of YouTube claims that the site allows videos that conflict with the company’s interest

Susan Wojcicki, president of the most popular video service in the world, commented on a blog about the direction of YouTube development and the reaction of authorities to scandals related to the publication of controversial content.

It turns out that moderation must allow offensive and controversial content, because the website is to be a platform open to all people. Interestingly, Wojcicki ensures that the company does not set its policy for advertisers and profit and does not remove content that is contrary to its values.

YouTube CEO said that maintaining the platform in the most independent form possible is not a simple task, but the company is on its way and is doing everything to meet it. To this end, he listens to every speech and tries to find a panacea for problems.

At the same time, Wojcicki emphasizes that pathological situations on YouTube are only a fraction of one percent of all published content, so it is not as important a topic as everyone thinks. The problem, however, may be the fact that they are strongly promoted in such a way that visually they become a priority and society lives on them.

The head of YouTube has set new goals for the next year, which are to help slightly solve the problems of pathology on the site and promote political correctness. The website does not care as much as gaining and maintaining the trust of its users techguides. This should not be surprising, after all, they are the ones who watch the content posted generate profits for the company.

If you believe Wojcicki’s words, in the near future we should expect that the YouTube authorities will try to distance themselves from the values ​​professed by Google and work out a balance between the posted content and its deletion due to the lack of political correctness and hate speech. At the same time, we don’t count on revolutionary changes, because YouTube has been, is and will be in a position to try to please everyone and gain the most from it.