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Musk believes that the first to appear on Mars are tough guys who do not return to Earth

The SpaceX boss has big plans for the Red Planet. His company is to send his spaceship there in 3 years, and in 5 years the first people will appear there. Musk recently took part in an online poll organized on Twitter, which asked who will be first on Mars, humans or artificial intelligence.

There may be life on Mars, but… the evidence has been destroyed

Evidence of former biological life on Mars may have been destroyed by acidic fluids, according to new research - one possible explanation for why it's so hard for us to find anything. Scientists from Cornell University and European institutions suggest that a new experiment shows that such fluids could have seriously affected the possibility of finding traces of early life on the planet's surface. Researchers have long sought to obtain samples of Martian clay to analyze them carefully on Earth and protect any organic material inside, but it will be some time before this is possible.

Wars without casualties? The future of the armies of the greatest powers is unmanned vehicles

For several years, the topic of using robo-killers powered by artificial intelligence on the battlefields has aroused a lot of controversy. Many technology companies broke off cooperation with the armed forces in order not to contribute to the creation of systems that will be used against people. Meanwhile, representatives of the armies of various countries believe that it is thanks to robots and drones that in the future it will be possible to reduce or even completely eliminate the victims of war.

Canadian police chased after speeding Tesla, which seemed… empty

However, it seems that these do not always work or can be easily circumvented, as the recent Canadian case shows. The event took place in July, but only now the people guilty of all the fuss have been punished, that is ... a 20-year-old Tesla driver who decided to take a nap while driving and give the car control to the virtual hands of Autopilot. As a result, the positioned passenger and driver seats gave the impression that there was no one in the car, so the police immediately set off in pursuit when they received a report of \"Tesla Model S rushing on the highway\". When they managed to get closer to the car, it was going at a speed of 140 km / n, breaking the current 110 km / h limit, and it accelerated to 150 km / h when the patrol turned on the beacons.

The Chinese believe that this strange flying vehicle will replace cars

The Chinese company Xpeng unveiled Kiwigogo, a flying taxi that is to enable fast and cheap travel in metropolises. The machine looks very unusual, but its shape is the result of achieving the greatest practicality in its use. Why is this weird Xpeng idea likely to get popular quickly? Because Alibaba is behind the entire project and has invested millions of dollars on it. The air vehicle can take two people on board and transport them up to a distance of 40 kilometers at an altitude of 25 meters.

Google tells the police what specifically we are looking for in the global network

Unfortunately, as it has just turned out, they have already found ways around this obstacle. According to the just published court document, American investigators often resort to a trick, namely, instead of asking for information about a known suspect, they submit a request to Google for disclosure of all users who searched for a specific keyword. It was this way that contributed to the arrest of Michael Williams, an associate of singer R. Kelly accused of sexual crimes - investigators linked the man to arson and witness manipulation, sending Google a warrant to provide information on all users who "looked for the address of residence." close to arson '.

It turns out that electric cars are cheaper to maintain than classic cars

However, it seems that evidence has finally emerged that they are telling the truth - Consumer Reports published a study which shows that owning the most popular electric cars is really cheaper than even the best combustion models in the same class.

533 km / h on a public road, the fastest hypercar in the world

The attempt to break the unofficial Chiron record from more than a year ago took place on the public road Nevada State Route 160, which runs through the state of Nevada in the USA. The event aroused great interest among travelers on this road, as traffic was suspended for a moment. Tuatara accelerated there to a dizzying speed of 532.93 km / h. After averaging, the new record was 508.73 km / h and will be remembered in automotive history.

NASA is building a camera that will film the moment women land on the moon

Now we learn that NASA is working on the technology that will make this beautiful vision possible. The device is to be called Lunar ExoCam. Engineers have been working on it for a year. It is to be a small vehicle with a camera capable of recording high-definition images. NASA is talking about 8K or even 16K quality here.