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In August, Starhopper will jump 200 m, and later we will see something bigger

Already on 24 August, the next jump of the Starship starship will take place. The expected flight height is approximately 200 meters. It is not high, but as part of tests it is enough. Later there will be something more interesting.

The small prototype is currently equipped with one Raptor engine, but the next modification should mean an increase of up to three. Although the engines are powerful, however, the 3 will not allow you to fly into orbit. Ultimately, there will be 6 of them. Then the ship will go to space without any problem.

In the coming weeks, SpaceX engineers will submit a larger prototype of the two parts that are being built at the Texas test center in Boca Chica. Most likely, the larger prototype will also initially be equipped with three Raptor engines, and finally at 6. Then it will take to the orbit, but do not expect that this will take place this year. Interestingly, the SuperHeavy rocket is to have as many as 35 Raptor engines.

Elon Musk also announced a conference on which he will reveal new details regarding the company’s plans for testing the ship’s prototype and those related to the finished vehicle and the SuperHeavy rocket. Apparently the conference will also deal with the planned flight around the moon and landing on it. We can also count on new information about the first mission to Mars and plans to build a colony there.

One Earth is not enough for us. We have set another disgraceful record

The day when we exceeded the level of Earth’s resources consumption, on which our planet needs 12 months, has passed. Unfortunately, humanity has established another new record of its feeding on nature.

As reported by WWF, from July 29, humanity lives on the ecological loan that Mother Nature offered us. The organization measures the so-called ecological footprint, which is based on the assessment of human impact on the natural environment and the comparison of these data with the regenerative nature of nature. The report shows that we consume over 50 percent more resources than our planet can provide us with during the year.

If this trend continues, and everything indicates it, in 2030, to live normally, we will need two planets, and in 2050 already three. We used our limit as a civilization for this year two days ago. Interestingly, a year ago it was August 1, two years ago on August 3, and three years ago on August 5, so from year to year, we are rapidly accelerating this moment.

Interestingly, in 1961 humanity used only 2/3 of Earth’s natural resources. The research on ecological footprint uses data on the volume of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, fields designated for cultivation, animal husbandry and the amount of wood obtained from forests, fished fish, seafood as well as the construction of infrastructure.

It must be emphasized here that the day in which we live on a specific loan fell even faster in Poland, on May 15, which is 4 days earlier than in 2018. This shows how developing countries like Poland do so at the expense of Mother Nature. Although we feel better from year to year, this is a pernicious conviction, which we will soon discover on our own skin, when nature says enough!

One Earth is not enough for us. We have set another disgraceful record. Fig. OverShootDay.

The average inhabitant of our planet needs about 2.7 hectares of land, while the inhabitant of Poland already requires as much as 4 hectares, and in order to maintain the balance in nature, this area should not be larger than 1.8 ha.

According to WWF Polska, to reduce our ecological footprint and really start to take care of nature, we must start using moderation with electricity, turn a car into a bicycle or public transport, whenever possible, eat food that was created in an environmentally friendly way choose products with an ecological certificate.

When buying fish and fish products, check that they have an MSC certificate, guaranteeing that fish come from sustainable fisheries or choose those species that have received green light in the guide of WWF Poland “What fish for dinner?”.

When choosing products made of paper or wood, pay attention to whether they have been labeled with the FSC certificate. It really costs us nothing, and thanks to that we will be aware that the future of humanity will be drawn in more pink colors.

Microsoft is investing $ 1 billion in OpenAI, the project of the successor to man

More specifically, he co-founded a research group working under OpenAI, thus gaining a very important customer and partner in the development of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and robots.

OpenAI will use Azure, a Microsoft cloud platform that provides mechanisms for data processing and storage. In this particular case, it is about the operation and training of the group’s software related to artificial intelligence. Both entities will also closely cooperate in the field of supercomputer technology, and Microsoft will become the first choice partner for the commercialization of ideas for OpenAI.

We would like to remind you that Open AI started its activity with a lot of repose in 2015, when the industry’s great minds, like Elon Musk or Peter Thiel, decided to allocate at least USD 1 billion to the development of a non-profit organization that will build artificial intelligence that can compete or improve in terms of solutions from such giants as Google, Facebook Inc. or Microsoft. Last year things got a bit complicated and as a result of misunderstandings regarding some group plans, Elon Musk left her management. OpenAI has recently launched its for-profit branch, OpenAI LP, to raise money for further activities – as we learn from the group statement, Microsoft’s investment will go to the whole OpenAI.

This means a huge injection of cash, but also … loss of recognition of a part of the environment, because OpenAI has so far been seen as an important counterweight to the largest technological giants who, thanks to their financial capabilities, gained a huge advantage in the AI ​​topic. Now, there are voices that such cooperation requires special regulations and transparency in order to be sure that its effects will not be used for military purposes or for dangerous software. And all in all, it’s hardly surprising, because the more scientists try to create AI similar to a human being, the more fear and social opposition they arouse.

Is OpenAI also in the pinch here? Definitely, it is enough to mention that in February it presented an algorithm that was able to write coherent and meaningful texts, e.g. news, with only a small sample available. It aroused so much controversy that the group decided not to issue a more powerful version of this software. The partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft is to focus on Artificial General Intelligence, which aims to teach computers to perform tasks and learn new abilities in a human way. Today it is the biggest limitation of artificial intelligence, which can learn a specific task, such as image recognition, but it can not solve problems on its own.

It was Artificial General Intelligence and computers capable of learning to themselves to the point of eclipseing the human being, the reason why Elon Musk helped fund OpenAI, so the group and Microsoft were concerned about these fears: – Creation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI ) will be the most important technological achievement in the history of mankind, with the potential to create a direction for its further development. It is crucial, however, that AGI be developed safely, and possible economic profits from its activities widely distributed.

What does Microsoft have to do with this? A solution that has the right scale to help create and train more advanced models of artificial intelligence, or Azure. For the giant from Redmond, this is a great advertisement and recommendation for the highest quality services, because, according to the head of OpenAI, Greg Brockman: – We chose Microsoft as our cloud partner because we are excited about Azure’s plans for supercomputers. We believe that together with Microsoft we are able to create a hardware and software platform that will eventually become Artificial General Intelligence.

Samsung revealed changes in the design of Galaxy Fold and announced the date of its sale

In the end, the Korean corporation ultimately managed to cope with the nightmarish problems plaguing these innovative devices and intends to start selling them. We know the price and markets on which this smartphone will appear first.

Samsung was to release Folda in the spring, but shortly after the release of devices to the journalists of technology services, it withheld the disclosure of the final date of sale. This was related to numerous defects discovered in the devices during their use. Journalists reported that the screens cracked in half after bending several times.

Although the Koreans have been intensively testing devices for many months, and videos of these murderous treatments presented in the global network, apparently robots are much more delicate in handling such inventions from people. Samsung could not be passive in the face of the appearance of these defects and decided to do something about it. As a result, Galaxy Fold will only reach stores by half a year.

Samsung wrote on his blog that he made design changes in the device. “The top protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display has been extended beyond the frame, which means that it is now an integral part of the display structure and can not be removed. The upper and lower part of the hinge has been reinforced with new protective caps. Additional metal layers under the Infinity Flex display are also included to enhance display protection. The space between the hinge and the body of the device has also been reduced. “

It may seem that Samsung is a pioneer in the subject of folding smartphones with flexible screens. The competition, however, is not sleeping and is not one step behind Samsung. Simply the Chinese, in the form of the Huawei company, are characterized by great patience and prefer to first check the reaction of people to such inventions, and then proceed to attack. The war should break out already in September. Then Galaxy Fold will go to selected stores.

Samsung announced that at the beginning you will be able to buy it on the domestic market, and later in America and Europe. Samartfon in spread mode, i.e. tablet, has a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Dynamic AMOLED screen (4.2: 3) with a resolution of 2152 × 1536 pixels. Meanwhile, after folding, the device offers a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED screen (21: 9) with a resolution of 1600 × 900 pixels.

On the Galaxy Fold board will be a 7-nanometer processor and 12 GB RAM. According to Samsung, it will be the most powerful smartphone on the market, even from the latest Galaxy S10 +. As for the data space, there will be 512 GB of Universal Flash memory available, which provides ultra-fast read and write of files.

The Korean company also ensures that when using an innovative smartphone of the future, there will be no battery. In the device there are as many as two, in each wing, and with a total capacity of up to 4380 mAh. Samsung’s pride is also cameras. In the back there will be three cameras: 1 ultra wide angle 16MP (F2,2), 12MP wide-angle Dual Pixel (OIS, F1,5 / F2,4) and 12MP telephoto lens (PDAF, OIS, F2,4) with double optical zoom. In the interior, we find two 10 MP (F2,2) and 8MP RGB (F1,9) cameras. On the front there will be a single 10MP camera (F2,2).

When it comes to price, nothing has changed in this matter. The innovative device will be available in the basic version in the shadows of 1980 US dollars (about 7500 PLN). Fold will appear in at least two versions, with and without 5G modem.

Nature The Chinese almost completely killed mosquitoes on two of their islands

As part of the experiment, the population of one of the most invasive mosquito species has been exterminated on two Chinese islands in Guangdong Province. Is it a step towards living without painful bites?

The experiment successfully reduced the population of Asian tiger mosquitoes by 94%, reducing the number of human bites by 97%. Interestingly, this was not the first attempt to reduce the mosquito population in the world, because in 2018 researchers from Imperial College London, a public university specializing in research and education in science, engineering and medicine, resorted to genetic engineering to sterilize female mosquitoes.

The research is conducted by a very experienced Chinese scientist, Xi Zhiyong, a professor at Michigan State University and a long-time pioneer of work on this issue. In southern China it even has a special mosquito factory, where it has previously tried to use sterilized mosquitoes to regulate the population of these insects, because, as he claimed: – We create good mosquitoes to help us fight the bad ones. In his latest attempt, however, he went a step further and decided on a huge reduction in the population size of the mosquito, by impairing their reproductive capacity.

Females were sterilized by low doses of radiation, and males by Wolbachia bacteria, and then released into the wild during the peak of the breeding season in 2016 and 2017 on two islands near the city of Guangzhou. The results turned out to be impressive, because the females disappeared almost completely, and according to Peter Armbruster, an ecologist dealing with this topic, is the most effective attempt in history to reduce the amount of tiger mosquitoes that are famous for their incredible survival.

Practically they do not react at all to conventional methods of controlling their quantity, such as pesticides or removing standing water, in which they could lay eggs and at the same time they are very invasive. Over the past 40 years, they have managed to hit Asia from virtually every continent, and it must be remembered that their presence causes not only unpleasant bites, but also carries a serious health risk, because they carry many deadly diseases, such as malaria and dengue .

It should be noted that during the outbreak of dengue in 2014, almost 38 thousand cases were documented in the Canton itself, and this year a special alert was announced in the Philippines because in the first half of this year the virus already killed over 450 people. And the worst of all is that there is no effective vaccine for most mosquito-borne diseases, so controlling their numbers is simply necessary here, even if they also have important goals to fulfill, such as filtering water bodies by their larvae.

The lifestyle of the Pentagon ensures that it is prepared for the planned assault of Zone 51

A few days ago, on the largest network of social networking sites, a message appeared about the planned assault of conspiracy theorists on the famous Zone 51 in Nevada. The Pentagon spoke on this matter.

Area 51 is one of the most mysterious and closely guarded military facilities in the world. Many conspiracy theorists are convinced that aliens and flying saucers are being held in the base. Therefore, on September 20, we are to know the whole truth about this object. Then, more than a million people, banded on social networking sites (see here), are to meet near the base and carry out the attack on it. “You will not stop us all, we will see these aliens,” the organizers of the event wrote. Many people associated with UFO themes and secret projects of the American army expressed their willingness to participate in this action.

The base itself and its boundaries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are closely watched and guarded by dozens of specially trained people. Laura McAndrews, spokeswoman for the US Air Force (USAF), told the Washington Post in an interview that the Pentagon has been constantly monitoring the development of events related to the attack on Zone 51.

“Zone 51 is an open training area for the US Air Force and we will discourage anyone from attempting to enter this area. The US Air Force is always ready to protect America, its property and secrets, “said McAndrews. The USAF spokesperson did not indicate what specific ways to neutralize unruly UFO enthusiasts were taken into account, but she pointed out that the army could use a lethal weapon if necessary.

Despite the laconic statements of the Pentagon representatives in this matter, a few sentences uttered by McAndrews should already effectively discourage the daredevils from arriving and possibly storming Zone 51. Most likely, September 20 will not happen, and the whole action invented by the Russian trolls will be a big failure.

Aviation Face recognition instead of passport control at Air France

And this is not a song of the distant future, because the tests will soon start at two American airports, and as these French airlines provide, all in order to significantly improve passenger safety, but not only.

It can not be concealed that nowadays it is difficult to take care of your privacy, and not only because of the amount of data available to technology giants, such as Facebook or Google, when using their solutions. It is enough to mention the increasingly common surveillance and monitoring systems, in which China is the leader (the local authorities do not hide even from the spying on their own citizens), but more and more often controversial situations also apply to other places in the world.

For example, we have even the United States, where Amazon has provided the Rekognition service, which is one of the world’s most advanced systems for identifying people, animals and objects. This works with city monitoring systems, so all materials recorded live from street cameras are sent to the Amazon cloud computing, analyzed by the system on the fly, and later the threat is assessed on their basis. The system can create a database of every citizen, containing, among others, pictures, information about the current location and history of routes of movement.

Frightening? And yes, and no, because on the one hand we are subjected to constant surveillance, and on the other hand, as they say, the innocent have nothing to fear. Anyway, it looks like there is no turning back and similar solutions will appear in our lives more and more often, and the example of a facial recognition system that will replace the classic passport check in Air France. So far, we are only talking about tests at two American airports, ie New York-John F. Kennedy and Houston-George Bush, but this is going to change in the future.

Especially as the airlines say that if the trials are successful, by the end of this year they would like to be in 93% and by the end of 2020 in all American airports. And although some of us may have some objections to privacy, everyone would like to feel safe during flights and not stress unnecessarily during even a holiday departure, so ultimately Air France will not have any major problems with the implementation of its idea.

Safety Artificial intelligence will lead to a monstrous nuclear war

The development of artificial intelligence technology is proceeding at a frantic pace in many areas of our lives, and there is no indication that this reality will change. Experts are beating the alarm again.

Many famous futurologists, visionaries and scientists warn against the uncontrolled development of AI, fearing the outbreak of a global war that will lead to humanity’s plants. These terrifying visions seem to be confirmed by the latest report of the independent research institution RAND Corporation. We can read in it that robots equipped with artificial intelligence systems will lead to the outbreak of a terrifying global nuclear conflict.

These are not the views of specialists, the script is slowly being realized before our eyes. The biggest problem is not the corporations developing AI technologies, but the armies of the largest powers of the world, over which no one has control.

The authors of the report warn that the use of machine-based SI algorithms as early as 2040 could lead to disruption of nuclear deterrence programs. The AI ​​will be guilty of this, the power of which will then encourage the armies to make larger skirmishes.

Analysts fear that eventually there will be a situation in which one of the powers will have an advantage over the rest of the AI ​​and can use this fact to increase its position in the world. We already hear voices from presidents of superpowers.

Artificial intelligence will lead to nuclear war. Fig. RAND.org.

Then a domino effect may occur, and putting into the hands of key military systems autonomous robots may end in a global nuclear war.

All the more so it can be a prophetic vision that the nuclear deterrent system has so far been in the hands of the conscious effects of people. If this power is handed over to the robots, and everything is currently going towards it, there will be no polemics on their part, only the implementation of the program to destroy the enemy as soon as possible and win the battle.

It’s just that the effects of such a game can be deplorable for all humanity. Advocates of legal regulations for the development of AI are sure that if humanity can not do anything about it, then we may not survive until the end of this century.

Astronomy. See a spectacular picture from the camera in the cargo shell of the Falcon Heavy rocket

SpaceX has released amazing footage from a camera installed inside the STP-2 mission shield. We can see on it the dramatic course of the return of the cover from space to Earth.

The whole event took place on June 25 during the secret STP-2 mission for the Ministry of National Defense of the United States. SpaceX implemented it using Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket currently used in the space industry. It was her third start in history.

Each rocket is equipped with a cargo shield (fairing). It consists of two parts, and its role is to protect the cargo during the flight into space. Until now, the covers of each mission were burning in the atmosphere, but SpaceX decided to recover them. It is a breakneck task, but worth the candle, because the covers cost $ 6 million.

The Elona Muska company showed what the entrance to the atmosphere of one of the fairings looks like and its successful landing on the Ms ship. Tree. The whole event looks spectacular, as if showing the work of a fusion reactor and the flow of plasma in it, as you can see in the film above. Each of the Fairings from SpaceX is equipped with a camera and parachute system. The engineers made many attempts to intercept the falling fairings with a special ship equipped with arms and nets, but this was not an easy task.

During the STP-2 mission for the Pentagon, however, we managed to successfully recover one of the fairings, so the SpaceX team can talk about great success, despite the fact that the central Falcon Heavy booster, instead of landing on the platform, fell into the ocean and exploded.

Astronomy NASA has reopened the Apollo 11 mission control center to the Moon

This is a historic moment for the American Space Agency, which is currently making intensive preparations for the new era of the Moon’s conquest. Artemis is to allow not only to return there, but also to live permanently.

Already on July 20, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the landing of people on the Silver Globe. The entire year 2019 will be on the pages of the history of the space industry as one of the most important, in which key decisions were made regarding the return to this close and fascinating object. On this occasion, NASA restored and opened for visitors the most important part of the Johnson Space Center, namely the control center of the Apollo 11 mission.

Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator, said at the conference that it was a great moment for the United States and the home space industry. It was thanks to this place that the Americans could land successfully on the moon, and this showed to other countries what technological power they are in the world. Soon, until 2024, they have to prove it again, for the second time in history and for the first time in the 21st century, landing on the natural satellite of our planet, before other countries.

The engineers successfully meticulously recreated the appearance and functionality of the Apollo 11 mission control center in 1969. The opening of the object for visitors is to take place today, July 1. NASA has prepared a lot of surprises on the occasion of the anniversary of landing on the moon, so keep up with the official website of the agency and its numerous profiles on social networking sites.