Safety Artificial intelligence will lead to a monstrous nuclear war

The development of artificial intelligence technology is proceeding at a frantic pace in many areas of our lives, and there is no indication that this reality will change. Experts are beating the alarm again.

Many famous futurologists, visionaries and scientists warn against the uncontrolled development of AI, fearing the outbreak of a global war that will lead to humanity’s plants. These terrifying visions seem to be confirmed by the latest report of the independent research institution RAND Corporation. We can read in it that robots equipped with artificial intelligence systems will lead to the outbreak of a terrifying global nuclear conflict.

These are not the views of specialists, the script is slowly being realized before our eyes. The biggest problem is not the corporations developing AI technologies, but the armies of the largest powers of the world, over which no one has control.

The authors of the report warn that the use of machine-based SI algorithms as early as 2040 could lead to disruption of nuclear deterrence programs. The AI ​​will be guilty of this, the power of which will then encourage the armies to make larger skirmishes.

Analysts fear that eventually there will be a situation in which one of the powers will have an advantage over the rest of the AI ​​and can use this fact to increase its position in the world. We already hear voices from presidents of superpowers.

Artificial intelligence will lead to nuclear war. Fig.

Then a domino effect may occur, and putting into the hands of key military systems autonomous robots may end in a global nuclear war.

All the more so it can be a prophetic vision that the nuclear deterrent system has so far been in the hands of the conscious effects of people. If this power is handed over to the robots, and everything is currently going towards it, there will be no polemics on their part, only the implementation of the program to destroy the enemy as soon as possible and win the battle.

It’s just that the effects of such a game can be deplorable for all humanity. Advocates of legal regulations for the development of AI are sure that if humanity can not do anything about it, then we may not survive until the end of this century.