Wing is not enough, LG heralds another innovative smartphone for active people The Korean manufacturer has been famous for years for its love of innovative solutions, and although they are not always successful, the company continues its efforts, as evidenced by the Explorer Project initiative.

As LG explains, this is a new category of mobile devices that aims to "discover new ways to interact with mobile devices and challenge established usage standards." It is within this framework that the recently presented Wing model was created, which provides "a completely new and different form and experience that would be impossible to create with conventional smartphones, more specifically a structure based on two screens, one of which rotates 90 degrees, opening users the way to completely new functionalities.

Today, however, it turns out that this is not the end of the fun with the screens, because after the official presentation of Wing, we had a short material with the comment "hold your breath" and the Explorer Project logo. We could see another LG smartphone on it, but this time with a flexible display that can be stretched - something like a projector screen, but in a much smaller and more stylish form. Some time ago we could see another leak, which showed that TCL is working on something similar, so soon we can see interesting competition on the market.

The only question is who will actually be able to finalize the project and deliver the finished product to the market. If we were to bet, we would bet on LG, because although the Chinese entity also has a lot of experience in the field of modern displays, it is enough to mention the recently disclosed Nxtpaper with a sheet of paper thickness, but the Koreans have already presented prototypes of foldable flexible panels. It is enough just to recall the revolutionary first retractable OLED TV shown at CES 2019, so LG certainly does not lack know-how. Of course, miniaturization to the level of a smartphone is a different story and brings with it many obstacles (see: Samsung and its Galaxy Fold), but who knows, maybe the company will deal with it concerts. Unfortunately, we still do not know when we can expect a full-fledged presentation, so there is nothing else but to wait.