Wars without casualties? The future of the armies of the greatest powers is unmanned vehicles The most modern military technologies are to result in the elimination of soldiers from the battlefield. Wars will break out, but no one will die in them. The greatest powers have such a noble cause.

For several years, the topic of using robo-killers powered by artificial intelligence on the battlefields has aroused a lot of controversy. Many technology companies broke off cooperation with the armed forces in order not to contribute to the creation of systems that will be used against people. Meanwhile, representatives of the armies of various countries believe that it is thanks to robots and drones that in the future it will be possible to reduce or even completely eliminate the victims of war.

The Pentagon has opened a new project that aims to robotize the US army as quickly as possible. The plan assumes not only eliminating aircraft pilots and replacing them with artificial intelligence technologies, but also soldiers and sailors. The latter will be replaced by autonomous robots and marine vehicles (see here).

The Lockheed Martin concern is to carry out the project of creating an autonomous fleet of sea vehicles. LUSV and USV is a concept of building and connecting several unmanned ships. It is about floating vessels as well as on it. This is to create a larger organism that will not only be able to cope better in waters during difficult weather conditions, but also be able to perform actions in huge areas.

The robotization of the army also has a different dimension. The most modern technologies are much more efficient than humans in extreme conditions and may have the experience of many experts. In times when speed of reaction is important to the face of threats, humans will not do as well as machines and will naturally be replaced by them.