WandaVision calls for the next Avengers death: only a Marvel twist can save him

The end of WandaVision will be "epic and incredibly sad". This is what Photon actress Teyonah Parris recently predicted in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. The last part of her statement already makes me fear that we will have a tragic farewell in the final. The signs of Visions meanwhile fourth (!) Death are obvious.

In this article about WandaVision you will learn:

Sad Marvel finale in WandaVision: Vision has to die again

While we're still puzzling over how exactly Wanda brought her favorite Vibranium synthezoid back to life after his brutal demise in Avengers: Infinity War, the new farewell to the MCU seems already predetermined.

Here's our video recap for WandaVision episode 7:

Because Vision's death was featured prominently in an In Memoriam video at the beginning of Spider-Man: Far From Home. And this film takes place a few months after the events of WandaVision. For the direct MCU successor Doctor Strange 2, only Elizabeth Olsen's return as Wanda has so far been confirmed.

So what fate awaits Vision in the WandaVision finale? We already saw in episode 6 that Vision cannot leave the Hex and Westview alive. This in turn raises new questions, which I will address later in the article.

The fact that Vision cannot leave his magical home prepares a scene from the trailers, which will probably be seen in the finale: Wanda and Vision have reconciled and fight together for the preservation of the hex and thus their life together.

Will there be a happy ending for the Maximoff-Vision family? The core issue of WandaVision speaks against it.

The Most Tragic Marvel Chapter: Grief and Loss are essential to WandaVision

At its core, WandaVision is a series about coping with grief. Both Wanda's and Monica Rambeau's aka Photon's lives are marked by tragic loss. Wanda could not cope with the death of Vision and therefore created an alternative sitcom reality in which she can live out the dream of a whole family.

From a dramaturgical point of view, there can be no happy ending, otherwise Wanda would be exactly where she started at the end of the series. WandaVision noticeably goes through the 5 phases of mourning. Starting with denial, we last saw depression, which is finally followed by acceptance.

In WandaVision, this acceptance means the end of the dream and the insight that the loss is irreversible, as Wanda explained to her sons after the death of dog Sparky in episode 5. She too has to admit that she lives in a fantasy and has to acknowledge the terrible reality.

For my part, I can't accept Vision's death and an MCU without Paul Bettany. And there are some details that make its survival possible. Wait, can vision survive now? Yes, you read that right. The hex scene mentioned above makes me doubt some things about WandaVision.

WandaVision Theory: So vision can remain part of the MCU

Warning, potential massive spoilers for WandaVision follow from here:

The series leads us to believe that Wanda stole Vision's dead body from the S.W.O.R.D.lab and brought it back to life. But why does Visions body consisting of vibranium disintegrate into its individual parts in episode 6 after leaving the hex? And is it a coincidence that surveillance video breaks off when Wanda enters the laboratory and we don't see the robbery?

This is where my theory comes in: Hayward lied boldly, and Westview vision is actually not the original vision. This one StreamPlanet have been created from hex magic, like Wanda's children Billy and Tommy.

If Vision's corpse is still lying around at SWORD, there is still a possibility that his real body and the consciousness of the sitcom vision could be connected.

Vision can live. His (new) existence and the whole Westview scenario are covered up so that the world can believe that the Avenger gave his life. Only Wanda has to realize in the end that "her" vision with all the shared memories and feelings is really dead.

Vision's ultimate fate, what happens to the Westview Hex and whether there is another Marvel villain, we will find out in the grand WandaVision finale on March 5th on Disney.

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Do you think Vision will die at the end of WandaVision? What are your theories for the MCU series finale?