The Chinese believe that this strange flying vehicle will replace cars Futurologists believe that it is not cars that are the future of traveling around the world, but flying vehicles. Such manned machines are already being developed in different countries and they look amazing. See one of them in action.

The Chinese company Xpeng unveiled Kiwigogo, a flying taxi that is to enable fast and cheap travel in metropolises. The machine looks very unusual, but its shape is the result of achieving the greatest practicality in its use. Why is this weird Xpeng idea likely to get popular quickly? Because Alibaba is behind the entire project and has invested millions of dollars on it. The air vehicle can take two people on board and transport them up to a distance of 40 kilometers at an altitude of 25 meters.

Kiwigogo is a fully autonomous machine. Passengers only need to make themselves comfortable in comfortable seats, fasten their seat belts and choose their destination, and the vehicle will take care of everything itself, while ensuring the highest level of safety. top online tips between the Xpeng flight control center and other flying taxis is to be carried out using a super-fast and stable 5G network.

The Chinese government some time ago stated that it wanted to improve travel in rapidly developing metropolises not only with the use of autonomous vehicles, but also sky-high taxis. Everything indicates that it is in China that such inventions have a chance to be popularized the fastest in the world.

Xpeng has published a footage on the web where we can see Kiwigogo in action during testing. The company announced that the experiments were successful, which you can see for yourself by watching the film. The first commercial flights of this machine are to begin next year. We keep our fingers crossed for the rapid development of such vehicles.