Space debris is a huge threat, Poland will help to remove it quickly While we don't usually hear about it, space specialists receive hundreds of collision warnings every day, reminding them that many dangerous objects, both natural and artificial, are drifting in space.

It is in the context of such events that the European Space Agency decided to create the Space Situational Awareness program, which for 10 years has indicated the need for careful monitoring of what is happening in space. Some time ago, however, it turned out that the amount of information necessary for processing is so large and the challenges are so serious that they require additional actions. This is how an initiative called Space Safety was created, which expands the activity of its predecessor, because it not only monitors the situation of space debris, but tech boss implements the necessary countermeasures.

- ESA space facility operators receive hundreds of warnings every day - it becomes impossible to process, which is why we need products that will help us manage such a huge amount of data and coordinate our efforts in the right way - explained the director of Space Safety, Holger Krag in an interview with . Especially that the situation will only worsen, because our cosmic ambitions are getting bigger and they leave a bigger and bigger mark. Therefore, technologies are necessary that allow us to avoid risk, preferably autonomous, make decisions independently, without the need to constantly involve human teams.

In this context, the head of the initiative also mentioned the planned ADRIOS (Active Debris Removal / In-Orbit Servicing) mission, which aims to remove space debris for the first time in history. What's more, the head of Space Safety is convinced that in the future it will be a certain standard, because with the development of space technologies, we will produce more and more space debris, and these pose a specific threat to subsequent missions, so this is a vicious circle that will eventually have to be broken. . Holger Krag does not hide that he sees a lot of room for our country to show off here: - Poland has a lot of achievements in building mechanics - for example robotic arms - and it is important because we do not always want to remove the remains, but at the last stage we may also want to repair or to refuel an inoperative space object, and this requires appropriate manipulators.