Scandalous Blu-ray Collector's Edition: Crazy Trip Now Available - You'll Need More Than A Shower After That

The Belgian drama Ex Drummer by Koen Mortier is one of the scandalous works that feel like something you would rather not have seen.

For a long time the film from 2007 was only available on DVD in Germany. Now Ex Drummer has finally appeared on Blu-ray as a great collector's edition in Mediabook. From now on you can immerse yourself in the deepest human abysses in the best quality.

Scandal film on Blu-ray: Ex drummer sends you straight to hell

Koen Mortier's work is about the successful writer Dries (Dries Vanhegen), who lives with his pretty wife in a chic house in pure prosperity. One day three musicians from the Belgian provinces turn up at his place, who are looking for a new drummer. Out of curiosity, he embarks on a journey into misery and is increasingly fascinated by the shabby existences.

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Ex drummer can best be compared to Danny Boyle's cult film Trainspotting, about a clique of drug addicts. Koen Mortier also describes the misery of his characters around the main character Dries in playful pictures and montages.

The social drama, in which sweaty punk concerts alternate with rough outbursts of violence, dirty sex and other low urges, is much more extreme than trainspotting. In Ex Drummer, watch series director creates a hellhole into which the protagonist deliberately descends in order to play himself as a perfidious manipulator.

In addition to Belgium's underclass, which Mortier often exaggerates as bizarre caricatures, the director provides the wealthy Dries. Despite his more cultivated origins, he turns out to be much more despicable and repulsive than the poor souls around him.

Get ex drummers in the best Blu-Ray quality

Anyone who wants to approach ex drummers is well served with the new Blu-Ray media book. In addition to the film in full HD quality, the release also comes with a whole lot of bonus material. This includes a making-of, two short films and music videos by the director as well as a booklet with an analytical text by the film scholar Prof. Dr. Marcus Stiglegger.

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