NASA is building a camera that will film the moment women land on the moon Some time ago, the head of SpaceX announced that the first human landing on the moon in the 21st century and its exploration would be broadcast live and in high definition on the Internet.

Now we learn that NASA is working on the technology that will make this beautiful vision possible. The device is to be called Lunar ExoCam. Engineers have been working on it for a year. It is to be a small vehicle with a camera capable of recording high-definition images. NASA is talking about 8K or even 16K quality here.

According to the presented plan, the Lunar ExoCam device is to be released from the lander as part of the Artemis 3 mission, move away from it and land with it on the surface of the moon. The shots of the lander, the natural satellite of our planet and the astronauts coming out of the vehicle to the surface are to be truly spectacular.

NASA scientists emphasize that this technology is to not only crown the first landing of women on the moon, but also to have a research dimension. The device is to help them better analyze the moment when the lander is approaching the surface and thus plan future missions more precisely.

Interestingly, if the Lunar ExoCam project lives up to the hopes placed on it, NASA announces that new space missions will be carried out in a similar way. We can therefore count that all missions in the torrent sites directory era of space exploration, carried out by NASA and SpaceX or Blue Origin, we will be able to admire live and in amazing 8-16K quality.