Musk believes that the first to appear on Mars are tough guys who do not return to Earth Space agencies and private companies have been developing space technologies for years, thanks to which humanity will be able to visit the first alien planet in its history and even live there. Elon Musk said what he thought.

The SpaceX boss has big plans for the Red Planet. His company is to send his spaceship there in 3 years, and in 5 years the first people will appear there. Musk recently took part in an online poll organized on Twitter, which asked who will be first on Mars, humans or artificial intelligence.

One user asked the billionaire how many percent believed that artificial intelligence would be the first. Musk only gave a 30 percent chance. His opinion on this controversial issue should come as no surprise. Such considerations are a little pointless. They had to be put up by a person who does not know much about the current technology, the history of space exploration and plans for the future. It is also uncertain what form of AI is involved.

At the moment, Mars is the first planet we know to be inhabited exclusively by advanced robots that originate from Earth. None of them have artificial intelligence technologies and can pride themselves on being fully autonomous in performing their tasks. This is about to change soon. NASA has already sent a new robot that will explore the Red Planet without human help. This will allow this globe to adapt to our needs much faster. However, the work of machines will be constantly monitored by people and they will not do anything without our consent.

The Perseverance rover will already have several autonomous functions, but real robots equipped with such technologies are a distant future, and if we mean humanoid robots straight from sci-fi movies, it's a matter of several decades. Such devices will certainly support the work of astronauts in missions to the Moon, Mars and other objects, but we cannot speak of true intelligence and unsupervised functioning here. So we can forget about the vision of taking control of Mars by intelligent robots and their declaring war on humanity and our planet.

“There is a good chance you will die. It will be really tough, but at the same time it will be great if we can make it, Musk said. The head of SpaceX believes that the first colonizers will be real tough guys who will get a one-way ticket to Mars. However, he does not think this will be a problem for humanity. The billionaire is sure that there will be people who will want to fly to the Red Planet, build the first colonies there and finish their lives on this inhospitable globe in a short time. The United States was created no differently when pioneers explored the wilds of America and died there one by one like flies.

Elon Musk said a while ago that he was considering a plan to live on Mars. At the moment, it gives about 70 percent chance of its implementation. The billionaire realizes that despite the great strides his company is making in the development of the space industry and space technology, there is still a long way to go to the first manned mission to the Red Planet and to create the right infrastructure there to support life so that he can risk and choose there safely and even live there.

If he manages to implement his plans, he will still visit Earth frequently to do business here, but in his old age he may find a quiet and safe place in the underground bases on the Red Planet. Musk also said that there will be no billionaires on Mars and will not be the first to live there. They will be daredevils who will not pay a penny for this trip, as the costs will be fully covered by NASA, the US government and various organizations.