Mercedes showed what a ride in the futuristic Vision AVTR looks like Electric cars are finally starting to break the stylistic boredom that has prevailed in the automotive industry for years. New electrics look more and more futuristic and perfectly fit into ecological and minimalist trends.

Mercedes has decided to show one of the most fascinating vehicles of recent years up close. We are talking about Vision AVTR (Avatar). We saw this amazing invention for the first time at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Now it will appear in front of us during road tests. Vision AVTR is breathtaking not only with its external appearance, but also with its inside. Mercedes designers have gone crazy and pushed all limits.

The vehicle is fully autonomous, but passengers can give it various commands with subtle gestures. In this regard, the engineers in the movie Avatar were inspired by the Na'vi people and their lives in full harmony with nature. Controlling by touch and gestures is to characterize contact with the most important deity of the people, i.e. the driving force called Eywa.

There are also ecological accents in the interior, which are extremely important for Avatars. The armchairs resemble leaves and are upholstered in vegan Dinamica leather. It is made of recycled old clothes, flags and plastic bottles. The floor is also innovative. It was lined with a special type of eco-wood called karuun. It is made from rattan palm trees that bloom quickly and are very easy to grow.

However, the attribute of Vision AVTR is its ecological drive. For now, electric vehicles rely on hydrogen cells or lithium-ion batteries. That will change soon. Mercedes sees the future in a completely new solution. Stuttgart engineers are working on organic-cell batteries built on the basis of graphene. They are to be found on board the new, luxurious and fully environmentally friendly vehicles of this German manufacturer intended for the next decade.

Vision AVTR has 4 electric motors, one for each wheel. They have a total power of 470 HP. The batteries, with organic cells based on graphene, have a capacity of 110 kWh and provide a range of 700 kilometers on a single charge. Of course, they can be recycled, and it takes just 15 minutes to fully charge them.

They are to be a true ecological revolution of the 1930s. They will be free of rare and precious metals, and web alpha directory the same time be extremely easy to recycle. Remarkably, after use, it will be possible to compost them and plant trees on it.