It turns out that electric cars are cheaper to maintain than classic cars Manufacturers of electricians have been trying to convince us for a long time that it is worth trying to make such a purchase, because in the long run it is a big saving, but most drivers treat it as pure marketing.

However, it seems that evidence has finally emerged that they are telling the truth - Consumer Reports published a study which shows that owning the most popular electric cars is really cheaper than even the best combustion models in the same class.

Among electric cars priced under $ 50,000, the most common savings over a conventional car are $ 6,000-10,000, and the best example is the Tesla Model 3, an entry-level luxury electrician with total savings of $ 15,000. compared not only to the best-selling car in its class, the BMW 330i, but also to the best-rated Audi A4.

We are talking about total costs, which include factors such as purchase price, fuel price and maintenance expenses - electric cars are easy to lead here, especially in more affordable segments, and if we decide to buy a second-hand model, let's say for a 5-7-year-old.

Of course, fuel savings play a huge role, as could be expected, and as Consumer Reports suggests, electric car drivers spend some 60% less to keep their cars in full readiness.

Moreover, car users with a range of around 250 miles and more load their cars 92% at home instead of at public high-speed stations. It is worth noting, however, that maintenance was also important - the report shows that electrician owners pay about half of the price of classic car owners for the maintenance and repair of their vehicles. And although some repairs do cost a lot, e.g. battery replacement, buying a used electrician still pays off.

The issue of government subsidies cannot be ignored either, because although in Poland they are very limited (20% of the car's value, maximum PLN 18,750, but the car cannot cost more than PLN 125,000, which greatly limits the choice), this is not the case everywhere. In short, we should not be discouraged by the initially higher price of electric cars, because in general they are cheaper than internal combustion cars, and taking into account the increasing ranges, the only serious slick tips may be ... poor PR.