533 km / h on a public road, the fastest hypercar in the world Here is the SSC Tuatara, the new fastest road legal vehicle in the world. Tuatara beat an amazing hypercar named Chiron from Bugatti, which accelerated to 490 km / h.

The attempt to break the unofficial Chiron record from more than a year ago took place on the public road Nevada State Route 160, which runs through the state of Nevada in the USA. The event aroused great interest among travelers on this road, as traffic was suspended for a moment. Tuatara accelerated there to a dizzying speed of 532.93 km / h. After averaging, the new record was 508.73 km / h and will be remembered in automotive history.

The Tuatara has eight V-shaped cylinders and less than six liters of displacement. In addition, it has two turbochargers that generate a total of 1750 hp. The record was set on ethanol E85, because only on such fuel can you get the full potential of this monster. If we fill up the SSC hypercar with regular gasoline with an octane number 91 (popular in the USA), we will get only 1,350 hp, so the vehicles will not exceed 500 km / h.

How did SSC Tuatara achieve such an amazing result? As the world top technology boast, thanks to the powerful power, great low air resistance coefficient and very low weight, which is only 1250 kilograms.