The JUICE probe can photograph Jupiter directly from the Earth’s surface

Astronomers from the European Space Agency have decided to show us how advanced and powerful observation equipment will be on board the JUICE probe, which will fly to Jupiter in 2022. The effect is amazing torrent sites directory.

Navcam camera is to be the basis for navigating the probe in its dangersome journey to the largest planet of the solar system and its moons. Scientists have recently tested it in practice outside the laboratory. Her task was to detect Jupiter and immortalize him in the picture. The test was fully successful. The published picture managed to show not only the gas giant, but also its moons, among them Callisto, Europe, Ganymede and Io. Currently they are located up to 640 million kilometers to Earth. We can only guess what beautiful images of these objects we will see in a few years.

JUICE will explore Jupiter, its dense atmosphere and its ice moons. It will be an extraordinary mission, because the world of astronomy has recently gained a lot of premises about the possibility of occurrence in Europe of favorable conditions for the flourishing of life. The mission will end in 2023, crashing the probe into the surface of Ganymede.

On the occasion of the JUICE mission from ESA, it is worth adding that Poles will play a large role in it. On board the probe will be such instruments as: RPWI plasma instrument set for conducting a radio experiment and SWI instrument for observing submillimeter waves generated by excited molecules in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

Both systems are built by Polish companies, such as Astronika, thriving in the private sector of the space industry, and with the participation of the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Thanks to them, we will learn how strong electric and magnetic fields originating from Jupiter affect the largest moons of this planet, Ganymede and Europe, and we will also be able to study the physical and chemical processes occurring in the central atmosphere of Jupiter and assess the thickness and characterize ice covers its moons.


A device was created that perfectly detects the coming outbreaks of aggression

And of course we are not talking about a new device for ordinary nerves, but a medical gadget that can help people dealing with autism – thanks to this they will gain some time to silence their pupils.

Medical technology has been doing great lately and we are literally hearing about some impressive breakthroughs and innovations that make diagnosis and treatment run much more efficiently. Her prediction section is also doing quite well, which is obviously helped by artificial intelligence, which can diagnose heart disease, vision or psychological disorders in advance.

Now scientists from Northeastern University have presented a new solution for people struggling with autism, namely a special device to wear on the wrist. It looks like a smart watch, but in fact can predict the outbreak of aggression in sick people, giving them or their carers 60 seconds to control the situation.

Of course, we all realize that this is very little, but sometimes a minute is enough to control the situation or take such a person to a quieter place, cutting them off from factors that can cause their discomfort and irritability, especially since in some forms of autism other contact with the patient is strongly limited or even impossible.

And how does it work? The device monitors certain features, such as pulse, hand movements, sweat production, and more, so when they change, it can predict the oncoming attack. Until now, the gadget was tested on 20 autistic children who carried it for 87 hours and it turned out that the equipment can boast 84% efficiency best web guides. Researchers hope to improve it, but the first stage of their work is to expand the test group to 240 people, not only children but also adults who have a history of outbreaks of aggression. And if everything goes according to plan, we should not wait too long for the commercialization of this idea.


Ancient tools prove the much earlier presence of homo sapiens in Eurasia

In recent months, a lot of new research has seen the light of day, which forces us to verify knowledge about the origins of our species. The latest ones concern the wanderings of the first people in Europe.

It cannot be hidden that the history of our species is full of holes and understatements, but fortunately we fill the next ones in small steps worldtoptech. Until now, we thought, for example, that the history of modern man began about 300,000 years ago and about 120,000 years ago went beyond Africa, while in Greece we found skulls of homo sapiens 210,000 years ago, and Israel remains 177,000 years ago, which suggests that modern man left Africa much earlier than thought and traveled much further.

And now we are learning that tools from 45 thousand years ago were found in Mongolia, which means that man arrived there much earlier than we expected. What’s more, there is a good chance that the place of finding the remains is where our ancestors first mixed with mysterious Denisovans, because scientists date this meeting around this time. He is an undefined systematic taxa of the Paleolithic man who lived about 41,000 years ago, or at least this is what remains found in Denisowa Cave in Siberia suggest – thanks to his genes, homo sapiens was able to adapt to life at high altitudes and survive oxygen deficiency in the Tibetan Highland.

The place is called Tolbor-16 and is located along the Tolbor River in the northern part of the Changi Mountains, during research in 2011-2016 thousands of stone artifacts and weapons were found there. Similar tools could be found in nearby regions, such as Siberia or northwestern China, suggesting that man was widely spread across the continent. According to the researchers: – The most intriguing fact is that these items were produced in a very complicated but methodical way and it seems that they were typical for a certain group of people sharing technical and cultural background.

And although the team did not find any human remains on the site, they believe that the tools belonged to homo sapiens, and not other species such as the Neanderthal man or Denisowa Cave. Mainly because 826 tools found are very similar to the technology of our species from the early Upper Paleolithic, and because the site is dated to 45,000 years, the time frames also agree. In short, the finds are evidence of the presence of modern man in Mongolia much earlier than we thought, as confirmed by scientists also found the remains collected there by man for the consumption of animals, such as cattle, bison, sheep, goats and horses.


Is the pilot flying with us? No! The Pentagon will convert all aircraft into autonomous ones

The Pentagon has a very interesting plan, which is supposed to result in a rapid transformation of any aircraft into a fully autonomous one in just a few hours and using it to carry out the planned mission. Does it sound scary?

Military engineers are developing a project called ROBOpilot techadvices. There is an advanced robot behind it that can be quickly installed on board any aircraft and used to turn it into a remote-controlled or autonomous flying vehicle. The domain of this technology is to be the absence of interference in the electronic and mechanical systems of machines.

The role of the robot would only be to perform actions identical to those of a human pilot. Such an idea may not seem to make sense, because for many years, for example, fully autonomous drones have been produced and used, but here it is about regular manned aircraft, of which there are in the world and will be the most many years ago.

Installing ROBOpilot on virtually any aircraft is supposed to be child’s play. If during the mission you need to transport soldiers or equipment with a machine other than military, then you can quickly convert it into an autonomous and successfully carry out a task that was not previously achievable.

The Pentagon does not hide that in the future this role will be taken over by fully autonomous and advanced humanoid robots, as it should be from the beginning, but for now this technology is still being tested, so do not expect too much. The time will come for miniaturization and embellishment to make the robot look like a Terminator. Soon robots such as Valkyrie and ATLAS will play this role.

Their task is mainly to help those in need after various natural disasters. However, the Pentagon does not hide that it also sees such machines on the battlefield. Can you imagine that the robot supports soldiers in the mission, and when the need arises, it takes soldiers on their backs, throws them into the helicopter, sits at its controls and safely transports them to the base? This is what ROBOpilot is supposed to look like.


Starman has already completed full orbit around the Sun in his red Roadster

The Tesla sports car is one of the most interesting objects currently roaming the solar system. It is also a car that has set many records in the world of astronomy and automotive.

The red athlete from Tesla has already traveled an unimaginable 1 billion 225 million kilometers. There are currently 37 million kilometers of roads on our planet. Roadster would have driven them all over 33 times. All thanks to the speed with which it moves. At the moment it is 120 thousand kilometers per hour.

Starman is the first mannequin and Roadster is the first car to have all orbit around our daytime star. We remind you that the start of this unique mission took place in February 2018. At that time, the Falcon Heavy rocket, the most powerful currently used in the space industry, also had its first test streaming audit.

Many space enthusiasts wonder if the car will ever get very close to Earth on its journey through the solar system. So researchers from the University of Toronto decided to check if this is real. The advanced simulations they carried out showed that this would happen as soon as possible, and quite soon.

In 29 years the sports car will be quite close to our planet (for space conditions), and in 2091 close enough that you will be able to see it from the Blue Planet using ordinary telescopes. Perhaps future SpaceX employees will try to catch him and download him to Earth ?! We can be sure of one thing, the Roadster will never hit Mars or the Sun.

Elon Musk says that it is in some sense a hibernation chamber for terrestrial bacteria that went with him on a journey through space. After all, they are also a backup of earthly life. If our planet ever had a mass destruction of species, then such an unusual bank of microorganisms will allow survivors or foreign civilizations to try to recreate life on Earth, or at least learn its history.


Virgin Galactic presents the luxurious hall of its space port

Richard Branson, head of the Virgin group, announces the opening of a new chapter in the world of space tourism. Later this year, commercial flights to Earth’s orbit will be available to all those seeking extreme sensations.

The company already has a ready-made space ship called VSS Unity, which can take 6 people on board and offer them breathtaking views of the planet from a space perspective world top technology. Take-offs of tourist flights are to take place from the famous spaceport called SpacePort America, located in the state of New Mexico. This facility was created specifically for the future of mass flights into space. According to the latest research, they will enjoy enormous interest, regardless of the high ticket price.

Now a picture of the luxurious and practically furnished hall of the facility has appeared on the company’s profile on Twitter. It is in it that space tourists will wait for the flight and relax after an exciting flight. However, to be completely happy there is only one more, but the most important issue is tickets. Virgin Galactic has still not announced the official date of the first flight.

Experts predict that the progress of work in SpacePort America itself and related to the VSS Unity tests indicate the first commercial flight at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2020. The company still needs to finish everything to make tourist travel into space fully safe. If an accident happened, it would mean the end of business for the company. The decrease in customer confidence, suspension of flights for many months, huge financial losses would certainly be used by the competition in the form of the boss of Amazon and his company Blue Origin.


Dating applications reveal the location information of more than 10 million users

Although it seems unbelievable, it is sufficient now that an efficient hacker knows our username to easily find us in reality.

According to sociologists from Stanford University, online dating applications are currently the most popular form of pairing, with the result of nearly 50% of all heterosexual couples – in the monitored time between 2009 and 2017 this trend was constantly growing. And although most of us are aware that our presence on these types of websites is far from anonymous, mainly due to the multitude of information we share in them, e.g. the employer, address or current location, hardly anyone expects that it is even a gold mine for hackers.

The more so, as it turns out, many dating applications have a certain vulnerability in the programming interface (API), thanks to which hackers are able to access our location and use it for any purpose. And it should be emphasized that the only thing that such a person needs is our username. The vulnerability was discovered by the security company Pen Test Partners, which managed to demonstrate the attack using it and gain access to information about the place of residence or work of specific users.

Researchers have revealed that only the Romeo, Grindr, 3Fun and Recon applications could expose up to 10 million users in this way! By the way, they also confessed that the reaction of the creators of these popular websites was mixed – Romeo explains that their application has the option of providing an approximate location, but it is not turned on by default, Recon assured that he is already working on an appropriate fix to reduce the precision of location, and Grindr did not he decided to answer (earlier he claimed that he gives a vague location, which is not a threat, although Pen Test Partners tests showed something else).

As for 3Fun, the researchers say it is most vulnerable to attacks, easily sharing not only the location, but also the recording of conversations, photos and sexual preferences. In short, it’s not safe, and Google and Apple should definitely bend over creating an API for dating applications so that developers can reduce the accuracy of location data themselves. Is there a chance? Most likely yes, since both giants are already removing from their stores dating applications that allow the use of too young users, but it does not change the fact that we should also be aware of the risks that can result from providing their data on the web.

The Japanese announce the possibility of choosing the sex of the child before conception

It looks like we have lived to see a real breakthrough that may soon affect our lives, because thanks to a special technique of semen separation, scientists managed to grow mice of their choice.

Only a few dozen years ago, parents had to wait until the birth of their child to find out about his sex, later ultrasound examination entered the action, which significantly shortened the time of uncertainty, and now … maybe in some time we will be able to choose the toddler’s sex before conceiving ! We have just got a breakthrough in the field of genetics, all thanks to Japanese researchers who managed to develop a method that would allow them to select the sex of the entire mouse litter earlier.

The research took place at Hiroshima University, where scientists did everything to find biomarkers that would be able to distinguish X chromosomes from Y chromosomes that are transmitted by sperm and are responsible for the offspring of female and male in turn. Similar attempts to distinguish them before conception have been made before, but only the latest work has advanced this issue. Analyzes in mice show that the X chromosome carries more genes than the Y chromosome, and researchers have identified around 500 that were active and unique to the semen carrying the former and absent in the latter.

Then, of these 500, 18 were identified that can affect receptors in such a way as to impair the mobility of the semen carrying female DNA – and this allows chemical procedures targeted at such receptors that successfully inhibit the ability of sperm to move. After applying this technique to the sperm of mice, semen traveling at different rates was successfully obtained, and as a result, the X chromosome-carrying spermatozoa were separated from the Y chromosome.

When the faster group was used for fertilization, the litter was 90% male, and the selection of the slower group resulted in 81% female litter. Of course, it is still far from ideal, or a certain gender selection, but this is a significant advance over the traditional either boy or girl. Scientists, however, ensure that the work will continue because, in the context of the rapid climate change, the sex selection of offspring will be crucial, especially for farm animals, not humans – for example, male cows provide more meat than female ones. Either way, innovative methods are expensive, and carry the risk of DNA damage, but scientists are sure that one day they will be safe and accessible to people.

The first nuclear reactor in history will fly to Mars in 2022

In the shadow of a small nuclear disaster in Russia, related to a failed maneuvering missile test, NASA announced that it already has a powerful nuclear plant ready to fly to the moon and Mars.

This powerful source of electricity is called Kilopower and will ensure the normal existence of people in the extreme environment there. The agency has already completed work on the Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) project, which created a compact nuclear reactor. A few months ago, the project received the Gears of Government President’s Award Winners, which is one of the most important awarded by the President of the United States.

NASA announced that as early as 2022 it will be ready to send it to the Moon or Mars and carry out experiments related to it. The agency does not exclude SpaceX support in this matter. The company can take the device to a natural satellite of our planet using the Starship ship in 3 years, which is before the United States planned manned mission under the Artemida program.

Kilopower’s role will be to provide electricity to power lunar or Martian bases, heat them and provide energy for the operation of equipment and devices. The space mobile nuclear reactor has been successfully tested in recent months by NASA engineers from Glenn Research Center and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The reactor is maintenance-free, has a power of 10 to 40 kilowatts, and is able to supply electricity to two houses for 10 years without any servicing. Uranium-235 is found in the reactor core. It is surrounded by a beryllium oxide coating that catches neutrons and reflects them back to the core, improving the effectiveness of the self-regulating fission reaction. The reactor operation is controlled by means of a single bar with boron carbide.

Heat from the reactor is collected and transferred by means of sodium-filled passive heat pipes. They provide heat to a set of high-performance Stirling engines. These are closed-loop engines and operate at temperature differences that cause the piston to move back and forth, like the piston in an internal combustion engine, though using a compressible gas medium instead of an exploding mixture of gasoline and air. At the same time, it cools the reactor with a heat sink (which looks like an umbrella), and also drives a turbine to generate electricity.

The reactor design is modular. This allows you to connect several of them into a network and generate much more needed electricity for a large base. So the first colonizers of the Moon and Mars will have as much energy as they need.

top streaming sites

Top Streaming Sites

Top Streaming Sites. The best online streaming sites

Streaming has become more and more a lifestyle, a whole mode! And like all things that are successful, it turns out that many people also want to venture there, not really knowing what to do! We have developed a list of streaming sites that are really worth watching in 2019 .

Some streaming sites have many requirements and others have less! For this beginning of 2019, we have drawn up for you a list of the best streaming sites of movies and series in English to follow in 2019 and certainly on these sites you will find the most anticipated movies of 2019 .

The selection of the 10 best sites to watch movies, series and anime streaming for free on the web.
If you’re looking for the best streaming sites, you’re in the right place! We have tested and bundled the best streaming sites to watch your favorite movies and series. These are selected because they are complete and updated regularly.

The platforms to watch your live videos online (streaming) that we offer are of course quite aggressive on advertising. Unfortunately difficult to find in our selection of sites without advertising.

1. SolarMovie

Once you go to the SolarMovie main interface, you can see a search bar by default. This means that you can easily search for the movie or TV show you want to watch on your computer.

This website also includes a list of the best IMDB movies and you can also jump to a different country category so you can easily search for movies. Although there is a section for members on this website, it is not really necessary to register, so you can choose to register or not according to what you want.

2. GoMovies

GoMovies is a website that you can also use as an alternative for 123Movies. This website is updated regularly with the latest movies and TV shows. You can also watch the best 100 movies, the latest movies and also a genre section where you can choose the movies you want.

It is a web-based repository of thousands of movies that can be watched for free in an online environment and downloaded to watch in an offline environment. If you want to enjoy online streaming, just install the flash player. The transmission takes some time to load, so be patient to enjoy your favorite movies.

3. VipMovies

The Vipmovies comes with an appearance similar to the Vipmovies Website . However, the difference is that Vipmovies is up to date with the new movies and is really alive. These websites also give you the advantage of watching HD movies with your computer.

With the Vipmovies website, categories such as the Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top IMDB, and Top Rated movies are also made. In addition, movies are sorted by genre, which makes it easier to choose the movies you want to watch.

Almost all movie and tv series lovers want to enjoy their favorite things in HD format. Based on the same system, Vipmovies is the provider of HD movies that can be watched online for free and even downloaded for free as well.

4. Fmovies

Once you have opened Fmovies in your browser, you can watch many movies and TV shows that you can definitely watch on your computer as using the YesMovies or 123Movies website. It comes with a nice interface where all the movies have featured on the main interface.

With this website, you can search for movies by categories such as the most viewed today, the most favorite, the most prominent and the most valued. You can also use the Genre and Country category to choose the videos you want to watch. And also, there is a section called TV Section where you can watch the best TV shows you’re looking for.

Fmovies is simpy just a collection of the best movies in HD and on the Internet. Instead of keeping movies on their servers, Fmovies basically provides live streaming and downloading of movie links.

5. PutLocker

PutLocker offers its users a wide range of films that are classified according to their genre. In addition, this website is updated regularly so that your visitor has the opportunity to see the latest movies there are today.

However, the movies on this website only date back to 2019. But despite that, it still comes with a wide range of amazing movies that you can watch. And finally, this website will not require you to register before using it.

The search option requires only a keyword if the person does not remember the full name of some movie and then simply opens the results that match the query.

6. YesMovies

The YesMovies is ​​one of the best streaming website. As a free online movie website that can provide you with the right content. This website offers a great selection of movies that you can watch and also some TV shows of different genres such as drama, comedy, suspense, action and much more.

The YesMovies website will not require you to register, which means you can watch movies as long as you want on the website. This can be a great feature of this website because, other sites will attract you with some free banners, but they will finally ask you to pay.

There are more legal alternatives that you can use apart from using the 123Movies website. You might also consider trying them to have some problems with your computer or mobile device for the longest time you are using the 123Movies website. In addition, we always go with the legal ones to avoid getting into trouble.

7. Hoopla

What is it about? Sign up for a library card and get free downloads or streams of movies, without ads. That’s the deal when you use Hoopla, a digital media streaming platform that has partnered with local libraries to allow members to access the content available for loan. It is similar to Overdrive, but with more than just electronic books and audiobooks. The availability of any given title will depend on your location and the number of copies available for download. The transmission will work on any device with a browser, while downloads require the Hoopla application on a mobile device. Not all libraries are currently compatible with Hoopla, so be sure to ask before. At the moment, only libraries in the United States and Canada have access to Hoopla.

8. Vudu

Vudu, owned by Walmart, may be better known for its subscription streaming service, but the platform also has an impressive free content section. Titles like Batman Begins , Terminator 3 and The Cabin In The Woods are good examples of what you’ll find. You will still need a Vudu account, but you can create one for free. The Vudu application is already compatible with many platforms, such as Roku, Apple TV, game consoles and more. In addition, there is an application for most mobile devices. Vudu is only available in the US


Crackle is owned by Sony, so it presents a solid library of movies and TV shows from Sony Pictures Entertainment. In the collection, you will find a good amount of blockbusters, along with a generous amount of generic movies. There is a diverse library of free options. Crackle is a great resource, although the constant interruptions of commercials can bore you quite quickly.


YouTube is the largest online video service and you probably already use the site to watch funny videos or for your favorite songs. But YouTube also has a considerable collection of free full-length movies. In addition, there are thousands of movies on the site that will not appear unless you search directly. If you are looking for a particular movie, especially an older one, it is worth doing a quick YouTube search to see if someone has published it. We must mention that these are not always charged by the rights holders of the film, and many of them are divided into episodes and playlists. Although, the truth, finding free movies on YouTube is becoming increasingly difficult, since it now has services such as YouTube Red and YouTube Live.


YouTube is surely the biggest video site, but Vimeo is probably the best. The site has a clean design that lacks ads and the benefits of an active user community that is considered more professional and constructive than YouTube. From this community, a lot of excellent original shorts and feature films emerge. Vimeo also has a section on demand, in which users can buy full movies and TV shows. Most are independent, but some offers are also produced by the main studies. Either way, Vimeo is a great place to find free high quality movies.

12. Roku

When Roku initially launched its free and publicized Roku Channel, it was not technically suitable for this summary, because you had to own one of the company’s media streaming devices before you could watch it. Roku devices will certainly not cost you a fortune, but they don’t give them away either. Now, however, the Roku Channel is available to everyone through the web, as well as through the company’s free apps for iOS and Android. The service has more than 10,000 titles to choose from, including old classics like Walker, Texas Ranger and relatively recent movie releases such as the excellent Whisplash. You will need to create a free Roku account before you can see it, but it is a quick and painless process. If you ever decide to expand your options, Roku Channel now hosts several premium subscription options , such as Showtime, Epix and Starz. The Roku channel is available in the US and Canada


Although it may not be a service as well known as the previous ones, Pluto TV is noteworthy. Not only does it have “ on demand ” movies , but it is also a totally free live TV broadcast service, which hosts selected content from all over the Web. While the channels vary, they are focused on movies, and Pluto TV has nine live movie channels. There are two general purpose movie channels, and the rest focuses on specific categories. It usually offers quite a variety.

14. TUBI

Tubi is very similar to Crackle, with free movies and TV episodes available. It is very likely that you can watch Tubi regardless of the device you use, since it is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and via the web. As with the vast majority of services on this list, you should see some commercials or ads, but that is what keeps the service free.

Tubi has more than 200 partners, including Shout Factory, which offers everything. If you are using this service to complement Netflix instead of replacing it, the “Not on Netflix” section will help you find new and interesting movies to watch.

15. Kanopy

Kanopy is not only free to use, but also completely free of ads. However, there is a kind of trap: to sign up to watch movies through Kanopy, you will need a card from a local library, or library card . Originally founded in 2008 in Australia as an educational tool, Kanopy now offers a source of more than 30,000 films through its partnerships with more than 200 public libraries. There is a great focus on independent documentaries, but you will find all kinds of movies available.

When it comes to watching movies online for free, you can easily find plenty of free movie streaming sites. However, there are several websites on the Internet to watch movies online for free, but GoMovies is undoubtedly the best option to go. Obviously, you’ll always like to watch movies without obstacles. For this, you need a website that can help you explore many movies, television series and even documentary videos. If you have trouble watching movies on GoMovies, you should look for other similar options.