Microsoft is investing $ 1 billion in OpenAI, the project of the successor to man

More specifically, he co-founded a research group working under OpenAI, thus gaining a very important customer and partner in the development of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and robots.

OpenAI will use Azure, a Microsoft cloud platform that provides mechanisms for data processing and storage. In this particular case, it is about the operation and training of the group’s software related to artificial intelligence. Both entities will also closely cooperate in the field of supercomputer technology, and Microsoft will become the first choice partner for the commercialization of ideas for OpenAI.

We would like to remind you that Open AI started its activity with a lot of repose in 2015, when the industry’s great minds, like Elon Musk or Peter Thiel, decided to allocate at least USD 1 billion to the development of a non-profit organization that will build artificial intelligence that can compete or improve in terms of solutions from such giants as Google, Facebook Inc. or Microsoft. Last year things got a bit complicated and as a result of misunderstandings regarding some group plans, Elon Musk left her management. OpenAI has recently launched its for-profit branch, OpenAI LP, to raise money for further activities – as we learn from the group statement, Microsoft’s investment will go to the whole OpenAI.

This means a huge injection of cash, but also … loss of recognition of a part of the environment, because OpenAI has so far been seen as an important counterweight to the largest technological giants who, thanks to their financial capabilities, gained a huge advantage in the AI ​​topic. Now, there are voices that such cooperation requires special regulations and transparency in order to be sure that its effects will not be used for military purposes or for dangerous software. And all in all, it’s hardly surprising, because the more scientists try to create AI similar to a human being, the more fear and social opposition they arouse.

Is OpenAI also in the pinch here? Definitely, it is enough to mention that in February it presented an algorithm that was able to write coherent and meaningful texts, e.g. news, with only a small sample available. It aroused so much controversy that the group decided not to issue a more powerful version of this software. The partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft is to focus on Artificial General Intelligence, which aims to teach computers to perform tasks and learn new abilities in a human way. Today it is the biggest limitation of artificial intelligence, which can learn a specific task, such as image recognition, but it can not solve problems on its own.

It was Artificial General Intelligence and computers capable of learning to themselves to the point of eclipseing the human being, the reason why Elon Musk helped fund OpenAI, so the group and Microsoft were concerned about these fears: – Creation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI ) will be the most important technological achievement in the history of mankind, with the potential to create a direction for its further development. It is crucial, however, that AGI be developed safely, and possible economic profits from its activities widely distributed.

What does Microsoft have to do with this? A solution that has the right scale to help create and train more advanced models of artificial intelligence, or Azure. For the giant from Redmond, this is a great advertisement and recommendation for the highest quality services, because, according to the head of OpenAI, Greg Brockman: – We chose Microsoft as our cloud partner because we are excited about Azure’s plans for supercomputers. We believe that together with Microsoft we are able to create a hardware and software platform that will eventually become Artificial General Intelligence.