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A new, darkest substance has been created in the world. “Reflects only 0.005% of light”

We all know Vantablack, the darkest substance that has so far only been created in laboratories. Meanwhile, her successor, 10 times darker, has just been created at Cambridge at MIT. See her in action.

Vantablack can be proud of absorbing as much as 99.965% of sunlight, while the new substance from the United States absorbs as much as 99.995% of light best tips online. The material is made of vertically arranged carbon nanotubes. The microscopic fibers under the microscope look like a forest.

The aluminum foil on which the material is based has been placed in salt water so that the oxide layer, which is an insulator blocking electrical and thermal conductivity, can be removed. The film was then transferred to an anaerobic environment to prevent reoxidation, and was finally placed in an oven where the cultivation of carbon nanotubes began in a process called chemical vapor deposition.

By removing the oxide layer, scientists were able to grow carbon nanotubes on aluminum at significantly lower temperatures than in any other case by about 100 degrees Celsius. An interesting fact is that the combination of CNT on aluminum has significantly improved the thermal and electrical properties of the material, e.g. compared to Vantablack.

New, darkest material in the world. It was created at MIT and absorbs 99.995% of light best tips online. Fig. MYTH.

In experiments, MIT engineers used a 16.78-carat yellow natural diamond, estimated to be worth $ 2 million. It was covered with new, ultra-black CNT material. The effect is amazing. A beautiful, shiny gem has become a black and flat emptiness.

MIT scientists have not yet said the last word. They are now going to improve their technique. The result is to get even blacker material. Their purpose is to commercialize their invention. First of all, they think of all sorts of artists who want to use the darkest substance in the world in their phenomenal works. They also admit that it will be used in projects for masking military installations or lowering reflections on various objects.


Tokamak Energy has built magnets generating 24.4 Tesla magnetic field!

The British have made a great breakthrough on the road to building the first functional nuclear fusion reactors that will provide the world with a cheap, safe and ecological energy source suitable for the 21st century.

This is another great achievement of the Tokamak Energy engineers. Last year, in their artificial sun called ST40, they managed to produce a plasma with a temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius, so a million higher than that prevailing inside the Sun. The next goal is to achieve a plasma temperature of up to 100 million degrees Celsius. Scientists plan to achieve this in the next 2 years. Then the production of energy in the nuclear reactor will become efficient and profitable.

These visions sound beautiful, and to confirm their imminent implementation, scientists have just presented the effects of their hard work in the form of the latest and most advanced HTS magnets in the world at the moment, made of high-temperature superconducting material.

Amazingly, according to the company’s plan, magnets with such properties were to be created only at the end of 2020, but scientists managed to prepare them now. Thanks to them, work on building a functional fusion reactor will now be significantly accelerated.

The HTS magnet called REBCO is made of rare earths, barium and copper oxide. This conductor cooled magnet created a magnetic field of 24.4 Tesla, at 21K, in a cold hole with a diameter of 50 millimeters, which is a world record. In superconducting terms, 21K is a relatively high temperature. In addition, HTS magnets are extremely durable, easy to install, very stable, reliable and simple to manufacture darknethub. We keep our fingers crossed for the British, their technologies and the ST-40 reactor itself.

It is worth emphasizing here that when in 3-5 years the first practical fusion reactors are connected to the power grid, they will not be perfectly perfect devices. Their development will last many decades, so new materials technologies and methods such as, for example, scientists from the University of Washington, testing zeta contraction (see here), may in the future prove to be beneficial in improving artificial suns.


Bugatti Chiron accelerates to 490 km / h and sets a new speed record (video)

Finally we lived to see that day. Chiron went to the track and showed his claws. The hypercar from Bugatti broke the record for the production speed of cars, which so far belonged to Koenigsegg Agera RS.

It can even be said that he has crushed his competitor. Chiron accelerated on the Volkswagen Group test track in Ehra-Lessien to a dizzying speed of 490 km / h. Meanwhile, Agera R drove 447 km / h, i.e. 43 km / h slower. In the world of hypercars this is a gulf.

Bugatti engineers have not yet said the last word. Their goal is to further modify Chiron to break the magical 500 km / h barrier. We keep our fingers crossed for it torrent websites directory.


Amazon in the service of the police? The ring grows stronger and raises further controversy

It seems that although the acquisition of the American group last year raises some controversy, it has a chance to actually contribute to the safety of its users.

We remind you that Ring is a home security and other smart solutions company that Amazon bought for $ 1.2-1.8 billion last year (the exact amount was not officially provided). However, this one was established in 2013, when it successfully funded its doorbot through crowdfunding – it managed to collect 364 thousand. USD, which is 250 thousand more than planned. And although some people think that the company’s solutions are used for surveillance rather than caring for the good of the owners, Ring is doing great, constantly expanding its reach web alpha.

Earlier this month, it got loud again, all due to the information that Amazon is going to provide the police with access to recordings recorded by cameras mounted on Ring devices. This aroused the opposition of many people, but the company defended its practices, explaining that this option is only possible after a legal and justified call from specific services. Furthermore, police argued that users know what they are saying and that this is in no way a violation of the 4th amendment to the US Constitution.

Now we are learning from Ring himself that they have already signed appropriate agreements for sharing video recordings with over 400 police units throughout the United States. The Amazon-owned company calls it the “new neighborhood watch,” although the Washington Post expert claims it would be more appropriate to describe “an interesting workaround to create a completely new surveillance network.” And it is hardly surprising, because so far there are no benefits for users of these systems, but only the police and Ring itself, which increases its range and importance.

To be more precise, this partnership allows the police to submit video requests recorded by Ring devices at a specific time and place, whenever it needs help in the investigation. Fortunately, there is no question of access to live image, and users are to be informed each time the services gain access to Neighbors Portal through a dedicated application. What’s more, they themselves can reportedly report crimes and cooperate with the police through the mutual flow of information about violations of law and security events. Is it enough for controversial opinions to disappear? In no case, because although everything is explained by security reasons, in practice we are actually dealing with a huge face recognition and surveillance system, which carries the risk of abuse and leakage of private information.


There can be life on Venus! There are further indications of this

The Earth’s Twin, as you usually call Venus, is an extremely fascinating globe that is no less interesting than Mars. Recent studies indicate that simple life forms can thrive in the dense atmosphere of the planet.

It is often said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The research of both planets, conducted by robots, probes and space probes for over a decade, gives us growing evidence that not only once there could have been common life there, when the Earth was still barren, but also now it may be there. The problem is that he is hiding from our eyes.

In the case of the Red Planet, clues give us mysterious emissions of methane from inside the planet, i.e. gas, which is a side effect of biological life. Meanwhile, on Venus, simple life forms can occur in the dense atmosphere of the planet, where the perfect conditions prevail. Once, when our planet was formed, it was in its atmosphere that dynamic processes took place, which later resulted in the appearance of life.

Temperatures on the surface of Venus reach up to 460 degrees Celsius, volcanoes explode and lead rain falls. These are too extreme conditions for the existence of life as we know it from our planet, but there are areas in the atmosphere where microorganisms can survive. The greenhouse effect on Venus may be an advantage for them, allowing them to produce energy and survive.

Astronomers have discovered dark clouds in the planet’s atmosphere. Until now they have been one big secret for them. However, more in-depth research has shown that these are so-called absorbers, i.e. areas that absorb the most ultraviolet light tech boss. It turns out that these puzzling “particles” have similar capabilities to microorganisms found in the Earth’s atmosphere.

A few billion years ago, the atmosphere of Venus was more similar to Earth’s, and there were probably significant amounts of liquid water on the surface, but the evaporation of these primitive oceans caused an avalanche-rising greenhouse effect, up to a critical level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Astrobiologists believe that, despite the hell of the atmosphere, we can be dealing with common microscopic life groups that have been calmly developing there for billions of years.

Probably as a result of billions of years of rapid change, life moved there from the surface to a dense atmosphere, where it adapted to the conditions there. There is also an option that thanks to cosmic rocks, organisms from Venus and Mars could have penetrated Earth and ushered in the life that is so common today on our beautiful planet.

Russians and Americans announce more thorough research on Earth’s twins. The governments of both countries want to send landers and probes there, and are even thinking about building in the atmosphere the first research base that is to become a window to this fascinating globe. Everything seems to indicate that the 1920s can turn our understanding of space around us in the matter of extraterrestrial life.


The head of YouTube claims that the site allows videos that conflict with the company’s interest

Susan Wojcicki, president of the most popular video service in the world, commented on a blog about the direction of YouTube development and the reaction of authorities to scandals related to the publication of controversial content.

It turns out that moderation must allow offensive and controversial content, because the website is to be a platform open to all people. Interestingly, Wojcicki ensures that the company does not set its policy for advertisers and profit and does not remove content that is contrary to its values.

YouTube CEO said that maintaining the platform in the most independent form possible is not a simple task, but the company is on its way and is doing everything to meet it. To this end, he listens to every speech and tries to find a panacea for problems.

At the same time, Wojcicki emphasizes that pathological situations on YouTube are only a fraction of one percent of all published content, so it is not as important a topic as everyone thinks. The problem, however, may be the fact that they are strongly promoted in such a way that visually they become a priority and society lives on them.

The head of YouTube has set new goals for the next year, which are to help slightly solve the problems of pathology on the site and promote political correctness. The website does not care as much as gaining and maintaining the trust of its users techguides. This should not be surprising, after all, they are the ones who watch the content posted generate profits for the company.

If you believe Wojcicki’s words, in the near future we should expect that the YouTube authorities will try to distance themselves from the values ​​professed by Google and work out a balance between the posted content and its deletion due to the lack of political correctness and hate speech. At the same time, we don’t count on revolutionary changes, because YouTube has been, is and will be in a position to try to please everyone and gain the most from it.


See the first holographic live broadcast over a 5G network

The 5G network will be a true technological revolution of the 21st century. In the end, we will be able to share our photos and movies in 4K quality through the global network. Until now it was time consuming and troublesome.

The new generation network standard will also allow for the further development of traditional television and online streaming services, where we can often watch live reports from various important events. Vodafone and the Portuguese public broadcaster TVI have jointly decided to use these benefits in a practical way. I must admit that they did it phenomenally.

The effect of 7 weeks of hard work of 70 specialists has become the first ever holographic live broadcast carried out by the 5G network for the Jornal das 8 program. During its duration, the image of José Alberto Carvalho, from a studio in HD quality at 60 frames per second, was sent to the stage of the Vodafone Paredes de Coura Festival, which was 400 kilometers away from the studio.

Specialists from Vodafone used the AIR 6488 5G system from Ericsson during this event slick tricks. The image rendering delay was only 10 milliseconds, so you could easily communicate in both directions. Although holographic technology is not new, it always makes a huge impression.

In the future, holographic live broadcasts in 4K or 6K quality and at 120 frames per second will be possible, then such technologies will become practical and will greatly diversify e.g. live programs published on television or the Internet.


The JUICE probe can photograph Jupiter directly from the Earth’s surface

Astronomers from the European Space Agency have decided to show us how advanced and powerful observation equipment will be on board the JUICE probe, which will fly to Jupiter in 2022. The effect is amazing torrent sites directory.

Navcam camera is to be the basis for navigating the probe in its dangersome journey to the largest planet of the solar system and its moons. Scientists have recently tested it in practice outside the laboratory. Her task was to detect Jupiter and immortalize him in the picture. The test was fully successful. The published picture managed to show not only the gas giant, but also its moons, among them Callisto, Europe, Ganymede and Io. Currently they are located up to 640 million kilometers to Earth. We can only guess what beautiful images of these objects we will see in a few years.

JUICE will explore Jupiter, its dense atmosphere and its ice moons. It will be an extraordinary mission, because the world of astronomy has recently gained a lot of premises about the possibility of occurrence in Europe of favorable conditions for the flourishing of life. The mission will end in 2023, crashing the probe into the surface of Ganymede.

On the occasion of the JUICE mission from ESA, it is worth adding that Poles will play a large role in it. On board the probe will be such instruments as: RPWI plasma instrument set for conducting a radio experiment and SWI instrument for observing submillimeter waves generated by excited molecules in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

Both systems are built by Polish companies, such as Astronika, thriving in the private sector of the space industry, and with the participation of the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Thanks to them, we will learn how strong electric and magnetic fields originating from Jupiter affect the largest moons of this planet, Ganymede and Europe, and we will also be able to study the physical and chemical processes occurring in the central atmosphere of Jupiter and assess the thickness and characterize ice covers its moons.


A device was created that perfectly detects the coming outbreaks of aggression

And of course we are not talking about a new device for ordinary nerves, but a medical gadget that can help people dealing with autism – thanks to this they will gain some time to silence their pupils.

Medical technology has been doing great lately and we are literally hearing about some impressive breakthroughs and innovations that make diagnosis and treatment run much more efficiently. Her prediction section is also doing quite well, which is obviously helped by artificial intelligence, which can diagnose heart disease, vision or psychological disorders in advance.

Now scientists from Northeastern University have presented a new solution for people struggling with autism, namely a special device to wear on the wrist. It looks like a smart watch, but in fact can predict the outbreak of aggression in sick people, giving them or their carers 60 seconds to control the situation.

Of course, we all realize that this is very little, but sometimes a minute is enough to control the situation or take such a person to a quieter place, cutting them off from factors that can cause their discomfort and irritability, especially since in some forms of autism other contact with the patient is strongly limited or even impossible.

And how does it work? The device monitors certain features, such as pulse, hand movements, sweat production, and more, so when they change, it can predict the oncoming attack. Until now, the gadget was tested on 20 autistic children who carried it for 87 hours and it turned out that the equipment can boast 84% efficiency best web guides. Researchers hope to improve it, but the first stage of their work is to expand the test group to 240 people, not only children but also adults who have a history of outbreaks of aggression. And if everything goes according to plan, we should not wait too long for the commercialization of this idea.


Ancient tools prove the much earlier presence of homo sapiens in Eurasia

In recent months, a lot of new research has seen the light of day, which forces us to verify knowledge about the origins of our species. The latest ones concern the wanderings of the first people in Europe.

It cannot be hidden that the history of our species is full of holes and understatements, but fortunately we fill the next ones in small steps worldtoptech. Until now, we thought, for example, that the history of modern man began about 300,000 years ago and about 120,000 years ago went beyond Africa, while in Greece we found skulls of homo sapiens 210,000 years ago, and Israel remains 177,000 years ago, which suggests that modern man left Africa much earlier than thought and traveled much further.

And now we are learning that tools from 45 thousand years ago were found in Mongolia, which means that man arrived there much earlier than we expected. What’s more, there is a good chance that the place of finding the remains is where our ancestors first mixed with mysterious Denisovans, because scientists date this meeting around this time. He is an undefined systematic taxa of the Paleolithic man who lived about 41,000 years ago, or at least this is what remains found in Denisowa Cave in Siberia suggest – thanks to his genes, homo sapiens was able to adapt to life at high altitudes and survive oxygen deficiency in the Tibetan Highland.

The place is called Tolbor-16 and is located along the Tolbor River in the northern part of the Changi Mountains, during research in 2011-2016 thousands of stone artifacts and weapons were found there. Similar tools could be found in nearby regions, such as Siberia or northwestern China, suggesting that man was widely spread across the continent. According to the researchers: – The most intriguing fact is that these items were produced in a very complicated but methodical way and it seems that they were typical for a certain group of people sharing technical and cultural background.

And although the team did not find any human remains on the site, they believe that the tools belonged to homo sapiens, and not other species such as the Neanderthal man or Denisowa Cave. Mainly because 826 tools found are very similar to the technology of our species from the early Upper Paleolithic, and because the site is dated to 45,000 years, the time frames also agree. In short, the finds are evidence of the presence of modern man in Mongolia much earlier than we thought, as confirmed by scientists also found the remains collected there by man for the consumption of animals, such as cattle, bison, sheep, goats and horses.