Aviation Face recognition instead of passport control at Air France

And this is not a song of the distant future, because the tests will soon start at two American airports, and as these French airlines provide, all in order to significantly improve passenger safety, but not only.

It can not be concealed that nowadays it is difficult to take care of your privacy, and not only because of the amount of data available to technology giants, such as Facebook or Google, when using their solutions. It is enough to mention the increasingly common surveillance and monitoring systems, in which China is the leader (the local authorities do not hide even from the spying on their own citizens), but more and more often controversial situations also apply to other places in the world.

For example, we have even the United States, where Amazon has provided the Rekognition service, which is one of the world’s most advanced systems for identifying people, animals and objects. This works with city monitoring systems, so all materials recorded live from street cameras are sent to the Amazon cloud computing, analyzed by the system on the fly, and later the threat is assessed on their basis. The system can create a database of every citizen, containing, among others, pictures, information about the current location and history of routes of movement.

Frightening? And yes, and no, because on the one hand we are subjected to constant surveillance, and on the other hand, as they say, the innocent have nothing to fear. Anyway, it looks like there is no turning back and similar solutions will appear in our lives more and more often, and the example of a facial recognition system that will replace the classic passport check in Air France. So far, we are only talking about tests at two American airports, ie New York-John F. Kennedy and Houston-George Bush, but this is going to change in the future.

Especially as the airlines say that if the trials are successful, by the end of this year they would like to be in 93% and by the end of 2020 in all American airports. And although some of us may have some objections to privacy, everyone would like to feel safe during flights and not stress unnecessarily during even a holiday departure, so ultimately Air France will not have any major problems with the implementation of its idea.