An unsuccessful nuclear rocket test led to contamination in Russia

The Russian army is testing the first strategic intercontinental ballistic missile in the Arkhangelsk region called Buriewiestnik, capable of carrying nuclear weapons and nuclear-powered.

Information appeared about the unsuccessful one of the missile tests that took place yesterday (08.08) near the town of Nyonoksa, about 30 kilometers west of the city of Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk region, located about 1500 kilometers from Suwałki. According to local media and the Greenpace organization, there was a 20-fold increase in radiation in the area, which is supposed to indicate that a nuclear-powered missile with unrestricted range called Buriewiestnik was tested.

The TASS agency reported that at least 3 people were killed in the incident, and 15 are in very serious condition. Meanwhile, unofficial sources say that the wounded were taken to local hospitals in Severodvinsk, where they were ordered to administer Lugol’s Fluid. Local authorities advised city residents to close their windows and not go outside. The army has closed the air, land and sea area of ​​the White Sea with an area of ​​250 square kilometers.

It should be emphasized here that international law prohibits the use of nuclear propulsion in missiles and rockets. Meanwhile, Russia has been developing such weapons without hindrance for several years. The Kremlin has announced that Buriewiestnik is a retaliation weapon and, together with the underwater drone, Poseidon are to effectively raze a hostile country that decides to launch a nuclear attack on Russia. Interestingly, Poseidon is able to carry on board a nuclear weapon with an unimaginable power of 100 megatons, which is twice as powerful as the largest detonated in human history and 6,000 times than the one dropped on Hiroshima.

This is another incident with background radiation that occurred in Russia, and the government is hiding detailed information about it as soon as possible. Although the 20-fold increase in radiation should not pose a threat to the population, let alone the whole world, the growing political tension on the US-Russia-China line and the construction of missiles, rockets and vehicles carrying and nuclear-powered vehicles by these powers is seriously worrying for secretly preparing for World War III.