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After “Fast & Furious 9”: “Atomic Blonde 2” with Charlize Theron is coming – but not to the movies

That a second part of the thriller “Atomic Blonde” to spy Lorraine (Charlize Theron) is in planning, has been fixed for some time. Director David Leitch has now announced that a streaming service could enter production.

” Atomic Blonde ” was released on August 24, 2017 in worldwide cinemas and on fmovies, but with the sequel ” Atomic Blonde 2 ” this will probably no longer be the case: David Leitch (currently also as a director of ” Hobbs & Shaw ” in the cinema), who directed the first part, could not name anything , but told Slashfilm that the project was still under development – and had yet another revelation ready: ” The sequel is under discussion, a streaming Service is interested in it. I do not know all the details because I was rented for the first part. “Whether Leitch will direct again is currently still in the stars.

Is that the second part is planned at all, by actress Charlize Theron over a year ago became known . A reunion with Lorraine Broughton ( Charlize Theron ), who in the first part with the help of David Percival ( James McAvoy ) and Agent Delphine ( Sofia Boutella ) spied and flogged through the Berlin of the late eighties, would be desirable, especially since the us With its ” seductive surface charms and one of the best action scenes of the recent past “, film has been well liked despite some weaknesses.


Since the film has recorded more than three times its budget with 100 million worldwide, the (economic) interest in a successor does not surprise. For other filmmakers, the spy thriller seems to have been very popular, Jim Jarmusch, for example, named him as one of his five favorite films .

However, when actress Charlize Theron will find time to shoot, it is not yet clear. She is currently shooting ” Fast & Furious 9 ” and the sci-fi comic adaptation ” The Old Guard ” in front of the camera – not to mention a possible sequel to ” Mad Max: Fury Road “.
A launch date for “Atomic Blonde 2” is currently not fixed.

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