A device was created that perfectly detects the coming outbreaks of aggression

And of course we are not talking about a new device for ordinary nerves, but a medical gadget that can help people dealing with autism – thanks to this they will gain some time to silence their pupils.

Medical technology has been doing great lately and we are literally hearing about some impressive breakthroughs and innovations that make diagnosis and treatment run much more efficiently. Her prediction section is also doing quite well, which is obviously helped by artificial intelligence, which can diagnose heart disease, vision or psychological disorders in advance.

Now scientists from Northeastern University have presented a new solution for people struggling with autism, namely a special device to wear on the wrist. It looks like a smart watch, but in fact can predict the outbreak of aggression in sick people, giving them or their carers 60 seconds to control the situation.

Of course, we all realize that this is very little, but sometimes a minute is enough to control the situation or take such a person to a quieter place, cutting them off from factors that can cause their discomfort and irritability, especially since in some forms of autism other contact with the patient is strongly limited or even impossible.

And how does it work? The device monitors certain features, such as pulse, hand movements, sweat production, and more, so when they change, it can predict the oncoming attack. Until now, the gadget was tested on 20 autistic children who carried it for 87 hours and it turned out that the equipment can boast 84% efficiency best web guides. Researchers hope to improve it, but the first stage of their work is to expand the test group to 240 people, not only children but also adults who have a history of outbreaks of aggression. And if everything goes according to plan, we should not wait too long for the commercialization of this idea.